Total Experience Kit (TEK)

Transforms digital displays into interactive screens

Including: 1 year access to YouSpace Hub Cloud Service (Details)
Content Management - Create, Edit and Distribute
  • Interactive digital content applications
  • Create touch free, gesture-controlled content from your browser
  • Easy to schedule and change content
Remote Administration - Manage Devices at Scale
  • Remotely manage multiple devices at different locations 24/7
  • Maintain enterprise-level control and get real time status updates
  • Control access across your organization with roles and permissions
AI Analytics - Gain Insights Into Your Content
  • Capture how many people passed by, stopped, and interacted with the content
  • Discover which content attracted the most attention and engagement
  • Report how many times content was played across displays
3D Depth Sensor (Intel® RealSense™)
PC (Intel® NUC, Core™ i7)

Interactive digital content

Included in YouSpace Hub

Content Browser App

Product Zoom App

Fluidity App

Brand new ways to interact with your customers and provide valuable user data

Fully Responsive & Interactive

Enable your displays to sense people passing by and respond accordingly. Your content is fully interactive with touch-free gestures!

IoT connection via YS HUB

Manage sites, devices and access contents remotely 24/7. An instant way to transform traditional shop windows/displays into smart interactive marketing and shopping platforms, with built-in behavior analytics.

Valuable Content Insights

Advanced computer vision algorithms reveal effectiveness of content and engagement level of users.

Schedule Your Content

Ability to change content and trigger actions at specified times, dates, and based on how many people are present.